To whomever will listen,

I am a 70 year old woman with SC Disease. I had crises regularly as a child. After age 37 and at the onset of a doctor prescribing 10 grains of sodium bicarb daily my crises became few and far between.  That doctor is no longer living and I wish to discuss this with someone who will listen. I have had 2 incidents when I was told to stop taking them and each time, within 3 months I was back to regular crises of joint pains. Of course, the disease has taken its toll. I have had bilateral hip replacements, a disk removed. 5 retinal surgeries, laser and crion. I have had 1 heart attack at age 39. I have kidney hemorrhages, pneumonia several times. Through all of this I have been able to live a fairly normal life. I have been a teacher, a mortgage banker and at my age I am a contract consultant for mortgage bankers.

The most meaningful mountain I climbed is that I served as International President 1996 – 1998 for Zonta International. During that period I visited more than 12 countries including South Africa, Taiwan, Japan, Europe, for a few. My travels were via air and I NEVER had a crises during that period. I am willing to share this with anyone who has an interest and would be willing to be tested, etc. to see if the sodium bicarb is what is making the difference. Please respond at your earliest convenience.

A grateful child of God.

Josephine G. Cooke