I Only Cry At Night - Author: P. Allen Jones This is a personal story about overcoming many obstacles including sickle cell disease. P. Allen struggled out of poverty to a federal executive career despite living in pain. This book is an inspiration to anyone, especially those suffering with sickle cell disease.
Living With Sickle Cell Disease: The Struggle to Survive - Authors: Judy Gray Johnson and Leroy Williams Jr. Living with Sickle Cell Disease: The Struggle to Survive is a story of Judy Gray Johnson's perseverance in the face of living with a little-understood chronic illness.
My Brother Has Sickle Cell - Author: Erica Gamble From mom, professor, author and life coach Dr. Erica Gamble – a heartwarming story about a boy who happens to have sickle cell, based on her son, who has the disease.
Resilience: A Personal Story of Coping with the Ravages of Sickle Cell Disease… Against All Odds - Author: Judy Johnson This book strengthens the resolve for those suffering from sickle cell disease in particular and anyone that may have a disability. This should be recommended reading for parents, educators, and anyone in the workplace who supervise those who may be classified as disabled.
Sickle Cell Natural Healing: A Mother’s Journey - Author: Tamika Moseley After spending every three months of her newborn's life in the hospital managing his sickle cell disease, Tamika Moseley knew she had to change what she was doing or the hospital would be her second home. In this deeply personal book, Tamika shares her story of the difficult journey she took to find natural ways to treat her son's debilitating disease.