Reducing Complications of Therapeutic Blood Transfusion in Sickle Cell Disease - Video teaching course for CEU/CME PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: Activities are designed to increase knowledge and change competency of transfusion practices and strategies for individuals with hemoglobin disorders.  Content is derived from actual peer-reviewed publications.
Blood Facts - Explore a list of facts about blood at
The Importance of Diversity Among Blood Donors: Unique Blood Types - Patients with Sickle Cell Disease are routinely transfused. It is critical that matching blood is found and used for these patients. This blood would most likely come from other African Americans and Hispanics. Read more here.
A Bit About Blood Transfusions - You'd probably feel a lot better if blood just stayed inside your body where it belongs. But blood transfusions save lives every day. Hospitals need blood for people who are injured, as well as for patients having heart surgery, organ transplants, cancer treatments, and treatments for other diseases that affect the blood, like sickle cell anemia. Read more here.
The Truth About Transfusions - Every year, more than 4 million American kids and adults receive blood transfusions. In fact, blood transfusions help save lives each day! But what is a transfusion and why would someone need one? Read more here.
Sickle Cell Trait and Blood, Organ and Tissue Donation: Yes You Can - Download a PDF with answers to some commonly asked questions about blood, organ, and tissue donation.
About Sickle Cell Disease - A list of frequently asked questions concerning basic information about sickle cell disease.  Includes a printable fact sheet.