Early History of Sickle Cell Disease - To the left is an image of Africanus Horton, also known as James Beale. He was born in 1835 in Gloucester Village, Sierra Leone, to parents of Igbo descent. The British chose Dr. Horton to be trained as the army medical officer for their post in West Africa. He began his training at the University [...]
Sickle Cell Disease – A Lethal Advantage: Video Series from the Open University - The History of the Sickle-Shaped Cell – Sickle Cell Disease: A Lethal Advantage (1/5) This is the first part of a video series from Open University. This video tracks the history of sickle cell beginning with the very first diagnosis. ​Sickle Cell and the Gene – Sickle Cell Disease: A Lethal Advantage (2/5) The second part [...]
A Century of Progress: Milestones in Sickle Cell Disease Research and Care - Download a PDF timeline from the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute on the history of advancements in sickle cell disease treatment and research.
History of the Research Effort and Historical References - A summary of progress at the Georgia Comprehensive Sickle Cell Center at Grady Health System, Atlanta, Georgia, along with a list of references.