I’m 23yrs. old with SC. I was diagnosed with Sickle Cell disease at 18 months. I have always been very stubborn with taking care of myself as far as drinking plenty of fluids and taking folic acid on an everyday basis.

My mother always pushes me too drink water even now as an adult woman living in my own house. I consider myself as being a very weak individual. My crises have gotten less frequent over the past 2 years. Sadly but not ashamed to say I have become very addicted to my pain medication, it first started when I became pregnant Nov. 2001. I was in a new relationship and was going through a tough ordeal with my mother and sister. I became non sociable and quite a hermit. I began to take my meds to keep my mind of off my stress and my loneliness. As I entered my 2nd trimester I started to get out more and enjoy my pregnancy but still taking a morning dose of percocet along with my folate and prenatal vitamins. My Ob provided me with as many percocets as I needed so that made it very easy for me. I was told by a Dr. that it wasn’t the best to stop cold turkey or I would probably end up losing my baby so I used that as an excuse. It’s kinda funny because when I would take the pills I would say to myself ” what are you doing , stop this, be strong but I wasn’t strong enough to fight the addiction. Once I delivered Trinity my daughter who was surprisingly healthy 7lbs 5oz. my addiction began to get worst I was up to taking 5-8 percocets a day. Her father who I’ve been staying with the entire time knew what I was doing , we fought , broke up about this several of times but now he’s at the point of giving up on me now. About 3 months ago, the percocets became so immune to my body I began to abuse Ms Contin 30 mg. and you all know that is a lot to take. I would take one as soon as I would wake up and all day I would watch the clock waiting for the 8-12 hours to past so I could take another, it was like a job that was stealing from me instead of  paying me. I was throwing my life away because I would be so sluggish and drained I couldn’t take care of my home as far as cleaning, my hygiene I would lay in the bed all day and eat and watch television. My daughter is 17 months now and I’m at the end of my rope. God and my daughters father is constantly telling me that this drug abuse is killing me. So as of today, Jan. 8th 2004, I went to my PCP and told him about my addiction and he has me on a strict narcotic watch. I can only get meds when I’m having a crises and only a limited amount. I was terrified of the withdrawals. It saddens me to know I have allowed it to get this far, all my life doctors and nurses have warned me about this addiction and I always said to myself “not me” and now it is me. God is good, I must add, I went to church this Sunday and accepted him as my savior and asked him for his strength to get me on the right track. Look how fast he works Thursday, the same week I have acknowledged my addition, confronted it and began to make change in my life. I know it’s going to be hard but I know everyday is a new and healthier day for me. I also thank God for this site he also brought me here to read all these inspirational letters and has gave me the strength to share my story. God bless all of you and be strong.